Vegetable Alchemy, that chef proprietary company that brought forward adding more vegetables, herbs and spices to traditional and to new recipes,
now introduces a platform for creating strategic recipes through a new chef created modern cuisine,
 Cell Cuisine tm.   Driven by the knowledge of
what the body needs is the most reliable approach to recipes styled to achieve body balance and overall health.  Cell Cuisine tm is a different kind of cuisine,
one based on our cells.  This avoids the pitfalls of past cuisines, false information, over marketing products as healthy when they are not, ideas fostered by companies
sponsoring research that suggest conclusions that are not integrated into the anatomy, physiology, biology and all too neglected science of common sense.  The body is our
source for knowledge to build recipes and lifestyle, fresh thoughts.

Science tells us we are close to ten trillion cells grouped together in a shape andform with parts that is our body.  Each part has a function.  Each function needs a
form of food. At
 Vegetable Alchemy we think of ourselves as a network of those ten trillion cells all working together just like millions of pixel dots do on a computer
screen.  Just as pixel dots bring us an image on the computer screen, at
 Vegetable Alchemy we know similar tiny dots in our bodies, called cells, help make each of us
into our own image. Pixel (dots) bring clear images when the computer is in great working order.  In
Cell Cuisine tm the same happens with our body.  The healthier
the tiny parts, the healthier the body,  the healthier the you, inside and out!

Cell Cuisine tm  Vegetable Alchemy introduces recipes in a way that are similar to small tiny computer programs.  The recipes give you great food and at
the same time work to educate you to understand what your body needs.  We think fun things happen when you start to think of yourself like a special computer that
needs great energy. This kind of new thought on food in relation to the body offersa fun creative way to think about nutrition.  The colorful diagrams below demonstrate
how we at
 Vegetable Alchemy  think of what to eat based on a need to keep our bodies in great healthy shape, delicious purposeful eating.  ' Smart food happens for
the body at the molecular level '.
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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the
human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."          ~ Thomas Edison
The Western diet belongs in a museum!  A modern plant based, but not plant only cuisine is going to take its place.  Our modern living needs a new cuisine,
one that educates Americans and cultures that adopt or morph into the Western diet are clearly documented as eating too much and the wrong blends of
food. All of us should be aware of what our bodies need to be healthy, and have a better quality of life.  Daily, easy self care knowledge is a must.

Vegetable Alchemy introduces an easy way to learn about smart food with a purpose and understand what we need to have that better quality of life.