Reboot your thinking to food, fitness and flavor.  Vegetable Alchemy redefines a recipe by linking it to low impact plant based eating; performance and body smart.  Food
companies, schools, convenience stores, fast food groups, restaurants, grocery stores, sports arenas, vending machines, cafeterias, marketing groups and more are
constantly trying to sell us food.  Are you carnivore, pescatore, vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan?  Whoever you are, your body cares.  Goodness plus, no matter the age.  
Learn more about high nutrient eating.....

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There's a lot of BUZZ about food and health today. Be responsible for yourself. Take time to know more about what you need for a better quality of life
and how food affects you from sugar levels in food, glycemic index, to the effects of too much carbohydrate.  Read 'Good Calories, Bad Calories' by gary taube
It is not about just counting calories.  All calories are NOT created equal.
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plant based body smart food offers a better balanced quality of life
Vegetable Alchemy is not something you join as much as it is something you learn........

Vegetable Alchemy
where plant based low impact food and fitness intersect for greater quality of life
farm to table grows into pharm and work out: sustainable, tasty and evolutionary as much as revolutionary......