Michael Foley

Michael Foley is one of the first of the JAMES BEARD AWARD-winning chefs. Born in Chicago, Illinois, Michael comes from
three generations of restaurateurs and hoteliers and has traveled and worked in over thirty countries.  His Printer’s Row
Restaurant Group operated a winery, a vineyard, a farm, and 5 restaurants including Printer’s Row the flagship, the remake
of the Mobil 5-star Le Perroquet and the restaurant at Tabor Hill Winery in Michigan.  He has also served as a consultant with
restaurants nationally and internationally. He is a founding member of The Society for American Cuisine, one of the key
pioneers in establishing the American Culinary Movement, which created respect for American cooking and American chefs
around the globe.

Michael was honored by President Reagan with The White House prestigious Golden Plate Award for outstanding
achievement in his field of endeavor.  He has represented the United States government overseas for over a decade and
been on the board of four culinary schools. He holds degrees and awards from Georgetown University and Cornell
University, with special honors in culinary from both The American Culinary Federation and The International Tsuji Culinary
School, Osaka, Japan.  In its early stage of development Michael was invited by NASA to be part of discussion surrounding
the kitchen and food on The International Space Station.

As an experienced organic and biodynamic grower, fully trained in the beverage industry including wine, beer and spirits
pairing right down to production and bottling, Michael has worked religiously for quality from the soil to the plate with farmers,
growers, manufacturers and distributors for over thirty years.  
Michael has published columns or recipes featured in Chicago Gardenland, Chicago Sun-Times (An American Chef),
Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Wine Spectator, GQ, Esquire, Saveur, Food & Wine, USA, New York Times, Town & Country, and Hotel
Food and Beverage Magazine. He has also appeared on TV and in radio throughout his career. One of the originals of The
Great Chef television series, his extensive industry experience and knowledge from manufacturing to design, make him a
sought after consultant by companies looking for the simplest of ideas or the most complicated reshaping.  

In addition to being in many food organizations, Michael interests include fitness.  He has a background in tai chi, a
certificate in Qi Gong from the Beijing Medical Institute and practices a full range of sports and exercise monthly: pilates,
rowing, swimming, cycling, running, riding, and weights.   He also has skating, skiing and snowboarding on this year’s list
to learn.   As a former long standing member of The Frank Lloyd Building Conservancy with a special interest in Wright’s
Usonian Houses, Michael attended the Chicago Harrington School of Design. All of this cross-training from food, fitness and
design combines to offer and  an original point of view he sees as his ‘new norm’ in a way to live much longer and healthier.

Michael works from his Chicago studio and has access to strategic partners throughout the world. Presently he is
developing his own idea of a body-based cuisine called Cell Cuisine™. This as well as his chef-driven food and fitness
based lifestyle are the subjects of his upcoming book, Vegetable Alchemy™: The New Architecture of Food.
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