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                                                                          vegetable, herb and spice + proteins, fats and carbohydrates  =  fit body minded    
Cell Cuisine is a modern cuisine based in plant ingredients like vegetables, herbs and
spices.  Together as a recipe, ingredients are built to work at the tiny molecular level,
with a purpose. The
function of what the recipe has to do for the body tells us how to
design the form, or the end idea for a dish.  This is the strategy for
Cell Cuisine. based
on food synegry.
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'the wiser the mind, the smarter the body.... vegetables, herbs and spices,
beauty from the inside out,' no prescriptions needed, a magic flavor for health' ......michael foley
Historically, in all cultures, recipes have been designed from ingredients in a locale or for creative flavorful ideas.
Hardly any purpose has been given to healthy eating, the cost of the ingredients', impact on the earth or how a recipe effects the body.  Within the last decades information has become
available for a new kind of recipe, and Vegetable Alchemy is now the base for body centric, tasty eating, recipes with a smart purpose and low impact on the earth and body
Planet-minded, Body Smart Recipes from the Eyes of a Chef
Vegetables, herbs and spices are a special universe of their own. They can stand alone
or support a full range of proteins for tasty, flavorful dishes that have a low impact on
the body and the earth.